The Hollows Eastyard Dance Festival: Apply now!


The Hollows Eastyard Dance Festival: Apply now!

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The Hollows is excited to announce the launch of The Hollows Eastyard Dance Festival taking place indoors and outdoors in the 5-floor townhouse one block away from Bedford Ave on the L train.


Experience original performances in The Hollows Eastyard, indoors performance studio and two screening rooms dedicated to the showcasing of dance films, and peak into the behind the scenes of the upcoming performances in the greenroom. Expect to encounter dance throughout the house in other spaces including bathrooms, stairwells, and the telephone booth.  

Seeking ~10-20 min dance works and  ~5-20 min dance films to be presented throughout 5-floor The Hollows townhouse and outdoor space, any duration for Site-specific pieces


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Application opens: April 28

Tours available of the space May 10 and 17, 6-7 PM

Deadline: Friday May 26, 2017

Notification: May 31


*Rehearsal Space Available throughout June, please contact for booking.