Ivan Stojakovic

Ivan Stojakovic is a New York based artist born in Belgrade, Serbia. He received his BFA from Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) in 2001, and his MFA from the Pratt Institute in 2005. He has exhibited internationally since 2001, showing his work in venues in Serbia, Canada, and the United States.

Stojakovic’s artwork can be seen as environmental wall art installations, incorporating vertical gardens with live and preserved plants, yet they come to life as paintings and they pay equal tribute to the institution of painting and wall relief. Thematically, his work explores environmental topics and the relationship between water, vegetation and architecture in the face of climate change. In this way, he creates a vision of ecological balance between the natural and the man made world. As opposed to capturing a single moment, Stojakovic works with live plants encompass a full span of growth and change, through metamorphosis of live plants and through human interaction.

 keywords Serbia // Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD)//Pratt //  Canada// environmental wall art installations //painting// wall reliefs// live plants // architecture // climate change// natural and man made world // ecological balance//metamorphosis//human interaction//


Dave Rittinger 

Born in Buffalo, New York in 1984, Dave Rittinger is an artist and designer residing in Brooklyn, NY. Channeling the phenomenology of particles and matter while embracing raw materiality and conflict, "Particle Collision" challenges the interactions between dissimilar materials by weaving and piercing complex connections. As in extreme states of nature's fury, wind speed and atmospheric conditions can cause a blade of grass to pierce a telephone pole or the telephone pole to pierce a tractor trailer. The sculpture is drawn from the forces enacted by these temporal dramatic events and embodies the chaotic as well as the calm aftermath where the dynamics are captured appearing frozen in time by the effected objects.

keywords Buffalo// phenomenology of particles// materiality//conflict//weaving//piercing//temporal dramatic events// extreme states of nature’s fury// chaos// calm aftermath// 


Seren Morey

Seren Morey was born in Massachusetts in 1969 and graduated from Bard College in   New York in 1991. Upon graduating she became an assistant to Kiki Smith and then went on to complete an MFA at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York in 1996. Following school, Morey became an instructor for three years of the courses Painting Processes for materials and techniques and Foundation: Light, Color and Design- a comprehensive color theory course at Pratt Institute. Her work has also been acquired by multiple collectors both private and public including The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center and The Middlebury College Museum of Art.  She currently lives and works in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and is a partner in Guerra Paint and Pigment in NYC, a specialty resource store for artists. Morey’s work represents unseen energy and movement lying beneath the surface of our general perception, both microscopic and macroscopic in origin.  Making this work is an effort to retrieve some unknown past or unremembered memories hidden deep in the subconscious. The work is made with many different materials, Ultralight water-based urethane, glass beads, pigment dispersions and thread. The imagery is organic and visceral with suggestions of innards, bones, fossils, flowers, cells, nerves and veins of both plants and animals that sometimes morph together. Morey’s work breathes and is at once fragile, but potentially ominous, embracing all of the pain and beauty that is life.

 keywords Massachusetts // Bard College // Pratt Institute //  unseen energy// microscopic and macroscopic// subconscious memories // mixed media // organic and visceral // fragile// potentially ominous //

Brian Batt

keywords Philadelphia // Brooklyn // Pete Townshend // The Who // Oil // Pixelated paintings // BFA // Hartford Art School //

Beril Gulcan

Born in Istanbul/Turkey, Beril Gulcan is a 34 year old artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated ICP (International Center of Photography) in 2010 and created Mica Studios as a photo rental space in Williamsburg, as well as an alternative space to work on her own personal photo and video projects. Her work is mainly focused on portraits and hand-made collages composed of her own photographs. Beril's photography projects has been featured in group exhibitions at the ICP Education Gallery, 3rd Ward, Mica Studios and some publications such as The New Collectors Book and Photographer's Forum. 

keywords Istanbul, Turkey // 34 years old // Brooklyn // ICP // Mica Studios // Williamsburg // photography // video // portraits // handmade // collage // 3rd Ward // The New Collectors Book // Photographer’s Forum //