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Socratic method in Platonic form. Slam, associations, equations, breaks, jumps. Artists moderate their choice of curators and theorists from the perspective of their microscopic takes on art history. Small round table with 4 seats, 2 to be filled by visitors. The session will be documented and archived online. Limited capacity please rsvp at hello@hollows.info with dates as subject line.

ryan Frank and Ángel Franco: "The Present Image"

NOVEMBER 7, 2016 8-9PM


RYAN FRANK, photographer - in conversation with - ÁNGEL FRANCO, photojournalist, The New York Times

“The Present Image” Artist Ryan Frank will be joined by award-winning photographer Ángel Franco to discuss their use of the camera as a tool of documentation, social and political commentary, mobility and human connection. How do photos reflect, challenge and expand the times in which we live? What makes someone a photographer in a society where everyone has access to a camera? Ryan Frank is an artist and curator based in Brooklyn, a native of California and a graduate of NYU. Frank’s work is a blend of photography and sculpture through a variety of forms including light boxes, installation and performance.

CHRIS CARR AND Leanne Stella, Curator ofArtin Flux Harlem:  "Invisible"

NOVEMBER 14, 2016 8-9PM

“Invisible” A discussion and examination of race, fine art, ethno-centricism, and technology. Black people are American, yet we are segregated and treated as if our art, our history, our culture is not inextricably linked to America or is somehow foreign. Why?

Christopher Carr is an indie artist in Brooklyn; photographer, emcee and founder of Brooklyn Wildlife. Carr attended Morehouse College for his undergraduate studies (sociology) and Columbia University for graduate work in Medieval Studies. He is intrigued by the history of cultural expressions, power relationships, semiotics, post-modernist sociological theory and interpersonal dynamics; with the intent of challenging contemporary themes relating to normalcy, deviancy, tradition and alternative culture via the platform of nude photography.


NOVEMBER 21, 2016 8-9PM

Caitlin Masley, Installation artist — in conversation with —GREG LINDQUIST, artist and editor for The Brooklyn Rail, and JENNIFER MCGREGOR, Senior curator at Wave Hill

“On Earthworks and Land Intervention” Public artworks in relationship to architecture and the 60’s to present public works of art Caitlin Masley holds a MFA from the University of Arizona and a MS in Design and Urban Ecology from Parsons/The New School. She is the recipient of several grants and fellowships, including an Emerging Artist Fellowship from the Socrates Sculpture Park and a Pollock-Krasner Fellowshi. Masley has been an Artist-in-Residence in Austria, Germany, Quebec, Norway and Switzerland, as well as had work included in group exhibitions at MOMA/PS1, Center for Built Environment and Storefront for Art and Architecture.