Fetish Request is a performance that is inspired by the told fantasies of men who favor the stereotypical image of Middle Eastern woman. A collection of requests collected online from forums are acted out through dance, shining light on what people ask and what is oppressed or eroticized. Ambivalent enticements, the question of benefit and taking on history and the web in a room with one’s body. It is received with judgment and preformed with agitation, with twists. 

Anysa Saleh is a California-based artist living in the Bay Area.  She received an MFA from California College of the Arts in San Francisco with an emphasis in Digital Media.  She is a video/digital and performance artist. Her videos and media pieces have been exhibited in Bakersfield, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and Washington DC. 



Live music by Ryan Seaton, Eliot Krimsky, Emilie Weibel and Nick Podgurski
Music recording by Amedeo Pace
Drawings animated by Anton Tokar
Drawings filmed by Natacha Ikoli

For the May iteration of the “NightTime at The Hollows” live art series, curators Marion Guiraud and Piril Gündüz have invited French artist Clara Claus to conceive a five-part audio-visual installation/live performance aligned with her ongoing “Graphic Score” project. Amble Timbre will take place on Saturday, May 21st from 9-11pm throughout four floors of The Hollows’ five-story townhouse in Williamsburg.

Amble Timbre is a five-part performance weaving together visual, sound, and video to create a synesthetic experience that explores the relationship between visual mark-making and sound. In five distinct rooms on four floors of The Hollows, filmed-versions of Claus’ visual work will be interpreted by musicians through live and recorded music, creating cross-disciplinary and multi-sensorial dialogues. Happening sequentially throughout the house, these performances will create an immersive journey activated by multiple modes of visual and sonic narrations as light and sound guide visitors.

Starting with the musical interpretation of a video animating microscopic views of gouache and pencil drawings, the performance progresses toward the live-music translation of an on-site wood-and-drawing modules installation. Unlike a traditional score that defines a codified language to be mechanically read, the graphic scores focus on an intuitive translation based on a shared vocabulary between musical and visual art practices, such as gesture, composition, rhythm, color, texture and silence. Amble Timbre moves across scale and material to create symbiotic sonic and visual compositions, where music gives its own singular response to the secret, unspoken stories Claus’ pieces hold.

From the immaterial and microscopic to the material and architectural scale, the five performances are all constitutive parts of a larger synesthetic investigation that creates new correspondences between mark-making, image, sound, and language.

Clara Claus is a French artist based in Brooklyn. Through her multimedia practice, she examines mark-making and its effects, observing her surroundings as well as its distorted forms such as memory, sentiment and imagination. Claus' varied practices include a daily routine of marker drawings, modular installations of painted geometrical fragments and found wood, and an active dialogue with music and other disciplines through the composition of graphic scores. Claus has performed her Graphic Scores at Littlefield, BAM, and Pioneer Works in Brooklyn with a number of acclaimed musicians such as Bryce Dessner from the National, Sufjan Stevens, and David Cossin from the Bang on a Can All Stars. She was invited to participate in residencies and has exhibited in various places such as Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, the Basu Foundation in India and the Chateau Royal of Collioure in France.



APRIL 9,2016

For the April iteration of the ‘Nighttime at The Hollows’ live art series, curators Marion Guiraud and Piril Gunduz commissioned Colombian artist Angelica Teuta to conceive a site-specific installation aligned with her ongoing “Emotional Architecture” project. The installation will be on view throughout The Hollows’ five-story building from April 9 to April 17, 2016, at its new location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

 A Path to Wilderness is a multimedia installation drawn from Angelica Teuta’s ongoing investigation of the impact of space on human emotions. In this installation, Teuta uses The Hollows’ unconventional setting and the house’s very architecture to unveil its emotional potential.

Unfolding throughout the house’s stairwells, corridors, recesses, and unexplored spaces, the installation creates a journey through which the viewer reflects on his or her natural and constructed environments. Trees, woodpeckers, squirrels, and birds, will invade The Hollows’ space to create uncanny and strange social/animal encounters that activate analogies between human and animal behavior. Natural environment and wildlife are recurring motifs in Teuta’s artistic practice - often used to reflect on human nature and the construction of human needs.

 In The Hollows’ basement, Teuta will create a fort mimicking children’s playful environments, constructed with precarious materials to create intimate, private, and otherworldly spaces that embody the imagination of their constructor. Teuta invites the viewer to experience a situational place, from which social situations and emotions emerge. A Path to Wilderness will appeal for dreams, tales, and imaginary thoughts, calling the wild child that resides in each one of us.

 Be ready for an exploration of wilderness in the dark, throughout the interiors of The Hollows with digital/analogue projections, trails, slides and forts!


 Angélica Teuta (b. Medellín, Colombia 1985) is a nomadic visual artist who lives between New York and Bogota. In 2015, she completed her MFA in Visual Arts at Columbia University in New York thanks to Young talents scholarship of Republic Bank of Colombia. Her large-scale projects have been exhibited in New York (United States), Oslo (Norway), Toronto (Canada), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Bogotá (Colombia). She has won several prizes and mentions and has had artistic fellowships in the United States, and Central and South America, including from the AZ-WEST Institute of Investigative Living at Joshua Tree National Park, directed by Andrea Zittel and the Sommerakademie in Zentrum Paul Klee with guest curator Thomas Hirschhorn in Bern, Switzerland. Angélica's recent solo exhibitions include “Preservation Methods,” at the Museum of Modern Art of Medellín.




FEBRUARY 13, 2016




The Hollows is pleased to present The Resort, a collaboration between Robert Hickerson and Kerry Lessard centered around an abandoned hotel in Liberty, New York. The Resort is a night of performance through which Lessard and Hickerson will restage vintage postcards from the hotel’s golden age, as well as display paintings, photographs and video that compare an idealized past and the reality of the present. Starting with a large remodel in the 1940s, Grossinger’s Country Club was the place to go to escape the turmoil of the city. It was a place to find romance and relaxation amongst a lush landscape. Following economic hardships in the 1980’s, the hotel foreclosed and was left dormant; It’s once extravagant halls, pools and living spaces are now vacant and rotting. This became a place of interest to Lessard and Hickerson as it demonstrated the repercussions of overindulgence. The performance taking place at a brownstone in Bushwick, a neighborhood in midst of high rates of gentrification and real estate wars, highlights the nostalgia and memories that the place evokes.Falling on the eve of Valentine’s Day, The Resort takes the romantic narrative created within the 1960’s promotional material for Grossinger’s Country Club and subjects it to the decay that the hotel itself has succumbed to. The performance taking place within the gallery space invites the audience to participate in fabricating this narrative through photography, materializing the cultural fetishization of the past. The evening will be scored live by Brooklyn based musician Anders Nils.

Kerry Lessard is a painter based in New York whose work investigate the way acts of violence inherently alter the locations they happen in. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including The 26th International Juried Show at Viridian Artists Gallery, New York, NY and Hello Future! at Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece. Her work has also been published internationally, including in Handsy, A Digital Journey of Poetry and Prose, and UNCO Magazine based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Robert Hickerson is a video artist and performer based in Brooklyn, New York. His work materializes the way we connect and communicate with each other, and our personal and cultural histories. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, with group shows including Maybe It’s Easier This Time, Gallery Sensei, New York, NY, The Persistence of the Cinematic in Contemporary Practice, SCA Gallery, Sydney, Australia, and React: The Feminine Mystique at 50, The Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, 2013. He also has had two solo exhibitions, JOAN and Debasement, at AMO Studios in New York, NY.




Choreographed by Charlotte Colmant

Performers: Charlotte Colmant, Julie Miller & Niccoló Orsolan


Curated by Marion Guiraud and Piril Gündüz



For the launch of the monthly NightTime series, The Hollows presents Parasomnia, a dance performance choreographed by Charlotte Colmant and curated by Marion Guiraud and Piril Gündüz.

Parasomnia is an immersive installation-performance that explores the complex relationship between the body and the mind. Drawing from Colmant's long-time interest in the body's ability to function with minimal cerebral interactions, the performance aims to unveil the intrinsic nature of the corporal being. Referencing Parasomniac states (sleeping disorders that involve abnormal behaviors that occur while sleeping), the performance will use the body as subject rather than object in order to question binary notions such as performing and being, thinking and feeling, presence and absence. In an attempt to disarticulate movements from the act of thinking, the performance will enact semi-conscious states that let the body speak for itself. 

Inspired by The Hollow's unconventional setting - a living space - the performance will occupy the entire building, blurring the boundaries between public and performer, intimacy and viewership, privacy and exposure.

Visuals: Laura Tack

Sound technician: Eli Sopcich

Originally from Paris, Charlotte Colmant moved to New York in 2011, after she graduated from the Sorbonne University, Paris and completed a training at a professional contemporary dance school. In September 2012, she joined the Martha Graham School of Contemporary dance. Since September 2014, she has danced for several dance companies and artists, including autralian contemporary artist Linda Tegg and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) theater teacher and director Caleb Hammond.

Julie Miller is a NYC based dance artist originally from Virginia. She trained in Europe and finished her dance degree in Scottsdale, Arizona. She attended the American Dance Festival in 2012. Since moving to NYC she has performed with Regina Nejman and Company, Aaron Mcgloin Dance, Lindsey Mandolini, Carte Blanche Dance Performance, Kelley Donovan and Dancers, Eunoia Dance Experiment and Caleb Hammond. 

In 2012, Niccolò Orsolani graduated from Teatro Nuovo of Turin, a professional training program for contemporary dancer and started a ballet training at Arkè studio with Ioan Bosioc and Annagrazia D'antico. Over the next several years, Orsolani also started diverse trainings with compagnies such as Horton, Graham and Humprey with Matilde Demarchi and Annagraia D'antico. He soon became a member of the Ensemble of the school. He appeared on many stages in Finland where he also performed with the company "Ammonia Danza Corrosiva." In the last few years he worked as a freelancer with Teatro Regio Torino, Melonauta, Teatro Alfieri Asti. He is now attending the Professional Training Program at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance.


Marion Guiraud (b. Paris, France) is an independent curator based in New York. She holds a B.A in Law and Art History from Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University and is a 2015 graduate of New York University's M.A program in Visual Arts Administration. She is currently Associate Curator of Programs at the Hollows and her recent projects include: Matter to Scale, Nothing Will Be Lost and Pairing Down at Peninsula Art Space, Brooklyn; Echo of Another Dawn at City Bird Gallery, New York. 

Pırıl Gündüz has been curating in Brooklyn and Manhattan since 2011 and showed her broken spirograph drawings, sculptural molds and YouTube mashup series in both. Previously, she has worked at Istanbul Museum of Modern Art and interned at MoMA PS1's Live Programming department, focusing on their Sunday Sessions program. She is co-director and curator at the Hollows.