Room as a Canvas: It’s Alive!

October-December 2015
Grégoire Schaller and Clément Rosenberg

Artists-designers Schaller and Rosenberg transforming and modifying their furniture and room over the course of their residency at the Hollows, documented and collected on project’s own website.

Opening Reception: Wednesday Oct 21st, 6-10pm
Open to visitors on Saturday-Sunday, 1-6pm.

Grégoire and Clément are design students in Paris, at ENSCI-Les Ateliers.
Grégoire is also civil servant at ENS de Cachan in the design department.
Clément is graduated from Duperré fashion school.
As designers, their work questions the object's status from industrial production to unique.

Oct 1, 2015

An empty room.
708 Bushwick Avenue,
2nd floor.

How can we make this place alive?
Each week we encounter a new American culture figure.
It gives rise to fantasized objects.
Our living space is gradually colonized, haunted.
Ghost memories are establishing themselves into our room.
These objects are transformed, the bedroom is modified.

For a different definition of a living space.

Oct 6, 2015

The good old days... sweet, sweet memories...

11 Oct, 2015

Remembering good times with friends.

23 Oct, 2015

Our Sweet Memories are ready to watch.

17 Nov, 2015

Meet the witch and her broom : construction sweeper...

22 Nov, 2015

...and see what the brooms turn into under her magic spells.

12 Dec, 2015

Just after Thanksgiving, we became friends with a guy, his unicorn and BIG burrito...



Prehistoire Moderne (Reotur a l'Origine)