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The Hollows Filmhouse — Tomie Seo "Renaissance 2016"


Casting, Filming, and Screening

The film depicts the hidden social issues of the modern society in an uncanny and surrealistic way. The title Renaissance 2016 symbolizes the modern version of Renaissance, which was a moment of the rise of the modern world after the middle age. In this sense, Renaissance can be seen as the moment of the industrial revolution after the depression, and today, the contemporary Renaissance would be appeared in this unstable moment with the world-wide terrorism.

The storyline of the film mainly consists of 5 chapters: Birth, Glows, Chaos, Death and Rebirth. As the story goes, each chapter always starts with a scene of a letter appearing after pressing a switch button. The total 5 letters complete in a word at the end. The characters of the film wear KKK costume in Medieval-style dress that illustrates the concept and spirituality of white-supremacy in an archaic way. It is also an implication of modern racism, which is not wholly visible and does not exist only between black and white but is spread among all the races. The whole scenario transpires with surrealistic and uncanny visual effects in the stage of a modern house, which draws a contrast between the characters in the medieval clothes that identify their thoughts and styles. In the end, the cross is burnt and a word made of the 5 letters from the each chapter is completed, finding the meaning of the modern Renaissance in either negative or positive sense.

NOV 5 Week 1: Filmmakers screen their favorites. Serves as briefing, study, brainstorming, thinking out loud

2-3:30pm Shorts — Un Chien Andalou by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali, LBJ by Santiago Alvarez, Historia Naturae by Jan Svankmajer, Darkness, Light, Darkness by Jan Svankmajer, Food by Jan Svankmajer, Down to the Cellar by Jan Svankmajer

3:30-5:30 pm — Lunacy by Jan Svankmajer

5:30pm-7pm — Viridiana by Luis Buñuel

7-9:40pm — Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky

NOV 12 Week 2: Auditions open to public and The Hollows residents.

Actress 1 -White woman (aged 20-30) -5'3 to 5'5 tall*

Actress 2 -Black woman (aged 20-30) -5'3 to 5'5 tall*

*both practicing classical dance/ballet would be great but not necessary *individuals who will not be offended by Christian mockery and KKK. Open about religious context.

NOV 19 Week 3: SHOOTING - Open to public on Saturday

NOV 26 - Week 4: SCREENING