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LATE NIGHT: GENESES— Trent Gill & Meina Kalayeh


Performance of the artist on the path to their work. Join the musicians, writers, and artists during the genesis of their current works. For Late Night: Genesis, we turn the main gallery of The Hollows Artspace into the artist's studio, with their furniture, from desks, to beds, to objects peculiar to their creation. Witness their unique methods of working and ways of composing, thinking, studying, rehearsing.


Kalayeh & Gill will develop a series of loosely interactive systems. Audio, visual & tangible feedback networks will guide both artist & observer toward aesthetic destinations. These moments will be digitally captured for further processing & arrangement. Meina Kalayeh is a net artist and software engineer based out of Brooklyn. Trent Gill is a musician and instrument builder. Constructing haptic systems to enhance artist's engagement with their tools.