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Adrian Platkovsky: The Backpack Project

November 21, 6pm-10pm

The Backpack Project is a collection of thirty 15x15 centimeter-sized canvas showing geometric forms which together constitute one abstract composition.

The creation of "Backpack" was inspired by the idea of artistic journey during which the artwork is displayed in variety of spaces all around the world. 

One of its elements, just like a footprint, will stay at the place of each exhibition. The composition is then complemented with a new, different piece consistent with the rest of the collection.

The background differs as the artists treats each as a barometer showing his emotional attitude towards places discovered and people met, capturing the atmosphere and uniqueness of each place he visits as he intends to promote the idea of art as a medium that crosses all barriers and borders. The final exhibition and the end of the project will take place in his hometown, Cieszyn, Poland. Exact date of this symbolic return home is not determined. The result exhibition is a summary of The Backpack Project, a collection of artworks and a video clips showing incidents, and places he experienced during his journey.

Past Exhibitions:

Project BACKPACK Gallery Container, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2016
Project BACKPACK Decentre, London, United Kingdom, 2016
Project BACKPACK DVŸR UMÃNÕ PRAHA/ Art residence, Prague, Czech Republic, 2016
Project BACKPACK Anagra Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2015
Project BACKPACK Yuyuan Old Street, street performance, Shanghai, China, 2015
Project BACKPACK Rajouri Garden street performance, New Delhi, India, 2015
Project BACKPACK VLLA, Amsterdam, Nederlands, 2015
Project BACKPACK Taubanesentralen plener exhibition, Spitsbergen, Norway/Arctic 2015
Project BACKPACK C.I.T.I. Sala Arte Joven, Madrid, Spain, 2015
Project BACKPACK Podium Gallery, Oslo, Norway 2015
Project BACKPACK Paradise Kultur Raum, Berlin, Germany 2015
Project BACKPACK Centrala Gallery, Birmingham, United Kingdom 2015
Project BACKPACK Bridge Art Space Bangkok, Thailand 2014
Project BACKPACK Forest 4:8 Gallery Edinburgh Scotland, United Kingdom 2014
Project BACKPACK Gallopperiet Stadens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen Denmark 2014
Project BACKPACK Loara street exhibition Paris France 2014
Project BACKPACK Second Souffle street festival Limoges France 2014
Adrian Platkovsky, Oslo, 2014