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Nighttime at The Hollows Dance series: INCREMENTATIONS MARCH - JUNE

Weekly, Fridays 9-10pm

For variations in performance, obsessions for sound tracks and incremental graduations in the physical. 

Through consecutive improvisations and routines, how to affect gradual perfections of body’s performance through merging affectual dance movements drawing from Eastern, Western and Southern wisdoms? For Incrementations, dancer/curator Pırıl Gündüz is collaborating with 4 female individuals, from varying age groups, who have developed their unique practices and have mastered ancient techniques, for a participatory dance performance on Friday nights from 9-10pm with 10 acts, in which performing together reveals different strengths of each woman’s built muscles in accordance with their bodily backgrounds. Narrowly defined subsets of sound tracks and bodily focus areas allow the viewer to draw on the micro yet substantial differences among each dancer’s bodily intelligence and the perpetuating ways they connect to and make use of the repeating style of selected dance tracks.


Earlier Event: September 7
Later Event: October 19