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Late Night: Geneses — Nico Turner

November 6-7, 6pm-8am

Performance of the artist on the path to their work. Join the musicians, writers, and artists during the genesis of their current works. For Late Night: Genesis, we turn the main gallery of The Hollows Artspace into the artist's studio, with their furniture, from desks, to beds, to objects peculiar to their creation. Witness their unique methods of working and ways of composing, thinking, studying, rehearsing.


As a contributor to the rise of experimental music in Los Angeles, multi-instrumentalist Nico Turner first became known in the underground music scene with her band VOICEsVOICEs and has played with such notable musicians as Brightblack Morning Light, Prefuse 73, Vincent Gallo, and most recently Cat Power. Her music is an atmospheric, seductive, unconventional and ambient experience. It is used to break away from familiar forms, to defy what's been taught, and to challenge what is readily known. The result is hauntingly beautiful soundscapes. Expect your subconscious to be electroshocked by this unique talent.