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Room as Canvas: January 2017- "We All Play-Act" by Rebecca Louise Tiernan

Event Hours: 
Friday, Jan 27 - Sunday Jan 30, 2017 2-6pm .
Opening reception: Friday, Jan 27, 6-8pm

‘We All Play-Act’ (2017) is a triadic video installation illuminating the contradictions between outward and inward personas, based on the methodologies of sociologist Erving Goffman. On display is an ordinary living room of an ambiguous person’s apartment. Within it, ornamental televisions are placed around the room showing videos depicting the character’s "truer" self. These videos portray the ambiguous owner of the living room acting out a series of provocative performances that look and feel as though s/he had recorded them by and for their self. The stark contrast between the mundane environment and the overt flamboyant aesthetic and acts within the videos reference the paradoxes of being’s oneself publicly and intimately, especially when one’s personal space is on display. The use of dated televisions and the invisibility of any current technology, is to accentuate Goffman’s idea that ‘our identities are expressed through performances in social interactions’; for our social interactions have now transpired to when we are alone, still on a stage and still interacting with other actors from other screens.

Rebecca Louise Tiernan is a U.K. born film and video artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She has exhibited her works internationally in festivals and galleries since 2010. 

Meddling between ideas of persona, femininity and conflict, Tiernan’s work often highlights the social and individual contradictions imposed upon muliebrity. By fluctuating between film and video formats, installations and experimental narratives, Tiernan seeks to show the histories of how nuanced these contradictions are by either reversing the roles of gender or highlighting the effect of trauma.