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Sound Vibration Therapy / Sound-Bath meditation

Sunny Quetzalcoatl : Sound alchemist/Soundscape artist
Andriana Santiago [la luz soundportal-NYC]
Chloe Naku [light body soundalchemy-NYC]

Join us this Thursday January 12th for Sunny Quetzalcoatl's sound-bath meditation debut at The Hollows Artspace in Brooklyn.

A sound-bath is a type of meditation that requires one to merely lie down and rest, while various harmonic sounds and frequencies are presented via acoustic and or digital instruments.

Hone your senses amidst a multi-sensory stimulation experience which is meant to relax, calm, relieve, revive, invigorate, recalibrate, and re-energize!

Come out and strengthen your momentum with our Sound Portal wolf pack as we explore the energy-clearing, healing, sounds of: 
Shoshone native American flute, Maya & Aztec winds, 
buffalo drum, Quetzalcoatl serpent rattle, 
Thunder tube, Monsoon rain maker, gongs, didgeridoo, 
Japanese wind chimes, Chakra attuned crystal&brass singing bowls, crystal pyramid, animal sound makers, binaural beats and more!

Please Bring anything you may need to maintain comfort for the duration of the meditation [yoga mat,neck pillow, blanket, eye cover, back/knee support] and maintain hydration.

Two sessions:

Thursday January 12th: 
WOLF MOON SOUND PORTAL Soundbath @ The Hollows] 8p-9:30p

Thursday January 26th: 
NEW MOON SOUND PORTAL Soundbath @ The Hollows] 8p-9:30p

Suggested donation: $20
*Donate what you can*

LIMITED CAPACITY (15 people) for each session.
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