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The Hollows Performance Studio: "Mattress" & "Pressing On"


7:00 pm
Duration: ~40 mins

"Pressing On", examines different reactions to the idea of "human thrownness. We do not ask to live, yet we are destined to die. The initial momentum created by our toss into existence propels us in our march toward death. People handle this knowledge in different ways, and thus interact with one another differently. 


Two sessions
8:00 pm
9:15 pm
Taking place on two floors of The Hollows townhouse
Duration: ~75 min

"Mattress" is a dance-theater work conceived by Ashley Robicheaux which follows the experiences of 5 different performers growing older inside of a historic brownstone in Williamsburg. We perform with our bodies and our voices the narratives which we have truly lived, the stories that are nothing other than our own and that draw from the performers honest and subconscious realities. We use the mattresses as a platform to further explore our movement possibilities as we move through time, unveiling dreams, finding flight, and becoming who we are today.