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The Hollows Performance Studio: "Image of the Sound" & "Addendum"

"ADDENDUM" by Ali Perkins
Two sessions
7:00 pm
9:00 pm
Duration: ~40 mins

Addendum utilizes an uncharacteristic combination of movement, text, video, and music to contextualize and confront systems of communication. Inspired by old school acting techniques and theory from both American and Russian traditions, five actors use their varied real life actor training as platform to discuss and explore the effectiveness of language, and the power dynamics embedded within modes of communication. As parallels emerge between the actor and the non actor, the scripted text and the unscripted text, levels of performance are simultaneously created and blurred onstage. After the lip sync battle and Chekhov monologues, after the contemporary silent film remake and the repetitive audition, the audience is left exactly where the process began; deciding whether our words have meaning, and if they do, how best can they be communicated.
"IMAGE OF THE SOUND" by Juecheng Chen
8:00 pm
Duration : ~50mins

Early music is by nature an art form that is polished, rehearsed and controlled to the most delicate element to fit the composer’s vision and range of emotions. Beatboxing, by comparison is highly improvisational and reliant on the rhythm of the moment. In this idea, the two elements combine but they do not change each other intrinsically. Instead, they take turns in creating and redefining the expectation. The Cantonese countertenor Juecheng Chen, together with the award-winning beatboxer Gene Shinozaki, the guitarist Matt Leece and the visual designer Ventiko will present to you the image of the sound.