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The Hollows Filmhouse: "roygbiv" by Gonzalo Galetto

The Hollows Filmhouse presents
April resident Gonzalo Galetto's "roygbiv"

Saturday April 29, 2017
8:00 pm
The Hollows
Fillmaker and cast will be present. 

"roygbiv" is a short film exploring the boundaries, expressions and exchanges in personal relationships. In collaborative form, Gonzalo Galetto and the cast created scenes and wrote scripts together that were based on dialogues on relationship experiences and affection. 

Chris Miele
Hira Kahn
Piril Gunduz
Deborah Harzenmoser
Filip Dingerkus
Robert Fan
Best Piyayothin

Gonzalo Galetto is an Argentine born artist based in Miami, Florida. He works across disciplines using sound, text, and moving images to reflect on ways in which we relate to environments and each other. He is interested in the extent of influence that memory and perception have in our relations and the effect that they have in experiences. Focusing on movement and interaction, he observes how affect and thought alter the types of contact we make and relationships we have.