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The Hollows Room As Canvas: "Triangle and His Friends" by Mengyao Guo

Join us for The Hollows Room as Canvas: "Triangle and His Friends" by our current artist-in-residence Mengyao Guo.

Triangle week (the first week of May):

Artist visited several art fairs, art galleries, art museums for capturing the “Contemporary Ideas” from them for her upcoming exhibition in Hollows. 

As the premise of being an artist, the most important part during the whole process of making an art piece is the inspiration. Artist shorten the way “How to become an artist” in 1 month. So the first week for her is just like the most basic pattern in math — triangle. That is why the first week called triangle week.

Friend week (the second and third weeks of May):

Artist will manage all the sources she got from the Triangle week, and will sketch several paper-based artworks at the end of the second friend week to show her original ideas before she doing her large scales. 

When it comes to the third friend week, the artist will show her canvas based works as her final exhibit artworks. So the whole exhibition gonna change weekly. 

And the last day of the exhibition, a film which documented the whole process artist did in last 4 weeks gonna be played for visitors.